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“Follow Filo”: Sustainability Project by Filo is on the move

Officially launched during the 51st edition of Filo (February 27-28, 2019), the Filo Sustainability Project is now going live, with the full involvement of exhibiting companies.
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The 51st edition of Filo ended with positive results

The 51st edition of Filo, the international yarn and fiber exhibition, had positive results. The Exhibition was held at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on 27 and 28 February 2019.
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51st edition of Filo: the inaugural round table

The round table for the inauguration of the 51st edition of Filo was dedicated to “Sustainability is a virtuous process”. Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, welcomed the participants to the event and, above all, illustrated Filo's “Sustainability Project” (see opening news).
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The 51st edition of Filo in exhibitors words

Exhibitors’ comments at the end of the show confirm the satisfactory work done during the…

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51st edition of Filo: Photogallery

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The 51st edition of Filo starts tomorrow

The 51stedition of Filo – the International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibres - opens tomorrow at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan (Corso Magenta 61). The fair will close on the 28thof February 2019. Filo’s opening time: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the first day and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the second one.
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“Sustainability is a virtuous process”: the round table that opens Filo

The official inauguration of the 51st edition of Filo is scheduled for 11.30 am on 27 February 2019, at the Sala Manzoni of the Palazzo delle Stelline (first floor).
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“The taste of sustainability” is on stage at Filo

During the 51st edition of Filo, the first floor of Palazzo delle Stelline is transformed into a space dedicated to the taste and food excellence of the Biella area.
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Elasten focuses on Élin yarns

Élina trademark identifying and distinguishing yarns covered by international patent and produced with pure stretch linen, stretch hemp, stretch ramie/nettle and others materials.
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From Fil-3 yarns for every need

Fil-3collections have a tradition of over thirty years, including experience, innovation, and tradition all over the Prato district. The wide selection of Fil-3 yarns proposed at the 51st edition of Filo presents innumerable chromatic variations, from soft tones to bright and vivid colors, all available in our stock-service.
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“Not only silk”: the new Filati Buratti motto

For the winter season 2020-2021 Filati Buratti proposes “Not only silk”: a collection focused on all natural fibres without leaving behind its hundred-year-old silk tradition.
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Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella, research produces cutting edge yarns

Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella is a company based in Sandigliano, Italy, that specialized in the production of industrial yarns.
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So much quality and research in the combed yarns by Italfil

Italfil has been on the yarns market for more than 50 years, producing high-quality worsted yarns. Primary products include classic and technical yarns used for underwear, sportswear, circular knitting and hosiery. The utmost attention to product quality and service makes Italfil one of the world leaders in the sector.
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The growth of Lanecardate is impressive

The growth of Lanecardate in 2018 has been +12.5% and this leads to a cumulative growth of + 62% in the 2015-2018 period. An increasingly customer-oriented approach, a collection studied in detail and no compromise on quality are the basis of this success.
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A world of yarns for Olivero 1903

Olivero 1903 is an agency, counting its fourth generation, specialized in research and creation of very innovative effect yarns. In his booth at the 51stedition of Filo, Olivero 1903 gathers collections of producers of particular yarns qualified for weaving or jersey or for Cornelly embroidery, either for garments or for furniture fabrics.
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