Man Fashion: 2017 Performed Well

Man fashion: 2017 performed well

La moda maschile made in Italy archivia il 2017 con risultati di segno positivo. Secondo le stime di Sistema Moda Italia, il fatturato del settore (che comprende vestiario e maglieria esterna, camiceria, cravatte e l’abbigliamento in pelle) ha raggiunto quasi 9,2 miliardi di euro (+2,1 per cento).
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Towards The 49th Filo Edition: The Importance Of The Supply Chain

Towards the 49th Filo edition: the importance of the supply chain

The organizational machine goes on with preparations in view of the 49th edition of Filo, which will start on the 21st of February 2018 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, ending on the following day, the 22nd of February. Among the basic principles of the yarns and fibres’ exhibition there is products’ excellence. This excellence lays its foundations on the Italian complete production chain, starting from yarn up to end product. It is not by chance that on one end, starting from the last edition, Filo has opened the exhibiting space to some dyeing mills, in order to offer to exhibitors and visitors a concrete overview of the possible textile developments which could be reached starting from exhibited yarns. On the other hand, Filo strengthens also the synergies with the downstream sector – weaving – thanks to the ever increasing cooperation with Milano Unica.
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Euratex Optimism For 2018

Euratex optimism for 2018

The Euratex outlook for the global economy both in 2017 and 2018 is somewhat favourable notwithstanding some continuing uncertainty, especially related to the trade policy of the United States and the effects of Brexit.
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Carnaby Street, The Street That Changed Fashion Forever

Carnaby Street, the street that changed fashion forever

Product’s development proposals of the 49th edition of Filo focus on the theme of street styles and how they inspire designers to rethink and remodel their fashion views. It’s no coincidence, perhaps, that a street – the London Carnaby Street – gave birth to fashion, as conceived nowadays. The 1826 days between 1966 and 1970 mark a true and real “cultural revolution” and they are now told in a show at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, where there is a section entirely dedicated to clothes that at those times lead the trend (and scandal).
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2018 Will Be Full Of New Ideas For Filo

2018 will be full of new ideas for Filo

The week dedicated to the presentation of the 49th Filo edition in the most important Italian districts has closed positively. The three meetings of the road-show – in Biella, Milan and Prato – has shown once again the growing interest of the professionals for the Salon which, starting from the excellence of the yarns on show, offers to the participating companies concrete opportunities to do business and to grow.
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The Way Towards The 49th Edition Of Filo

The way towards the 49th edition of Filo

The continuous interaction between Filo and the participants in the fair occurs not only within the road-show organised in textile districts: – Filo’s website – it is indeed a constantly open ‘window’ of dialogue, where to find information, news and details on exhibiting companies and exclusive services made available by Filo for exhibitors, visitors and professionals in general.
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2018: Filo Focuses On Great Britain And France

2018: Filo focuses on Great Britain and France

Great Britain in February and France in September: these two big European countries are the first protagonists of the new initiative organised by Filo together with Sistema Moda Italia and ITA Agency, in order to foster the internationalisation of exhibiting companies.
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Filo – Presentation 49th Edition – Photogallery

Filo – Presentation 49th edition – Photogallery

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Smi Young Employers: Training Is The Priority

Smi young employers: training is the priority

“Training in the textile industry is the essential element of Made in Italy”: this is the starting point in the talk by Alessandra Guffanti, president of the Group of the young entrepreneurs of Sistema Moda Italia, at the annual meeting of the Group, held in Milan on the 27th of November and, focused on challenges and opportunities in making textile world increasingly more competitive, as well as the strategic approach of the sector towards education, professional training, work-related learning, and apprenticeship.
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49th Edition Of Filo: The Exhibition Is Presented To The Public

49th edition of Filo: the exhibition is presented to the public

Starting from the 11th of December 2017, here is the week entirely dedicated to the presentation of the 49th edition of Filo, with meetings in Biella, Milan and Prato. During the meetings, product development proposals - identified by Gianni Bologna, responsible for Filo’s creativity - will be described in a preview. In this season street styles gain momentum as sources of inspiration for creations that rework them according to excellence, thanks to the use of valuable and innovative materials, as the yarns made by the companies exhibiting at Filo.
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Luxury’s Future Looks At Asia

Luxury’s future looks at Asia

“2018 – Luxury Reloaded. From China’s transformation to American evolution, from e-commerce to omnichannel, the new luxury’s challenges”: the title of the 16th Milan fashion global summit, organised by Class Editori, is certainly long. However, the message sent by the discussion appears to be clear: luxury and fashion companies need to be fast, digital, multichannel, if they want to catch the business opportunities of markets as China’s one.
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The Cluster Made In Italy Association Was Born

The Cluster Made in Italy Association was born

Moda Italia, in order to create a more structured and easier dialogue between universities together with the research’s world and the companies belonging to the supply chain of ‘beautiful and well-made’: textile-apparel, shoes, leather accessories, glasses, fur coats, goldsmiths, furniture and relative accessories.
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World’s Championship In Russia: Economic Effects Of Defeat

World’s championship in Russia: economic effects of defeat

For all Italians it has been a huge sport disappointment, but our national team’s failure to qualify of for the world’s championship in Russia could have some consequences on our economy, too.
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One Hundred European Companies Against Online Counterfeiting

One hundred European companies against online counterfeiting

Counterfeiting hass strongly increased and without a modernization and a strengthening of European legislative framework it will continue to grow exponentially, with severe consequences for innovation and companies, big, medium or small in any sector. The price is paid not only by companies affected by unfair competition, but also by consumers, for the effects on health and safety. These are in summery the contents of the letter-appeal that 100 important European brands belonging to different sectors have sent to the president of the European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker.
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The 49th Edition Of Filo: The Road Show Is Ready To Begin

The 49th edition of Filo: the road show is ready to begin

Filo’s road show is getting back in shape: the dates for the presentation of the 49th edition of yarns and fibre’s exhibition in Biella, Milan and Prato have been defined.
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